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Pre-wedding photoshoot - why do one?

Tracy from GTS Photography Essex, shares her experience on why it is an invaluable exercise in taking the time to have a pre-wedding couple's photoshoot with your photographer.

Couples pre wedding shoot in a field

Thing to do as a couple - take some time out together

Everyone is guilty of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern life, and this is even more evident when you are planning your wedding, there are even more things to research, test and organise. Most of this is likely to be done on a computer or your phone, and a lot of your communication between each other is also likely to be via email or messages for ease. So why not hit the pause button, take just a couple of hours out of your busy schedule one afternoon, just the two of you, with no technology ringing in your ears, and take a walk in some lush green space and listen to the birds sing and feel the breeze on your face. Take time to celebrate yourselves and what you’ve achieved so far in life and just enjoy the moment together. You’ll walk away having had a lovely restorative time and a set of great photographs to remember the experience by.

couples pre wedding shoot woods

Relieve any anxieties around having your photographs taken

It is very common for couples, or just one person from that couple, to not like having their photograph taken and even more so by a ‘professional’ who they envisage will have an enormous camera and be asking you to smile awkwardly as you stand in an unnatural pose whilst being told to relax! When I take my couples out for these shoots, no such things occur! We take a walk, chat and take some casual photographs as we go. You’ll see first hand that the posing, or rather the directions I give you will complement your natural behaviour and make the best of the moment, you’ll see how by just being yourself will produce great results. Whoever said the camera doesn’t lie was correct - it will show up in your photographs if you feel awkward. Also while we’re out, if needed I can go over some advice for your wedding day photography and answer any questions or allay any fears you may have before your wedding day.

Pre wedding couples shoot on a bridge

Get to know your photographer

Perhaps what I believe is the most valuable from these sessions for you is to get to know me - your photographer. You will be spending pretty much your whole wedding day with me, and even if I am doing my job well you shouldn’t really feel my presence all day, it will no doubt affect your experience of your day if it just doesn’t click. So these sessions give us a chance to just hang out and establish a relationship ready for your wedding day. The results of the shoot - the photographs you get back - will also give you an indication of the quality, style and experience you can expect from your wedding day photographs.

Couples pre wedding shoot in abbey ruins

Put your couple's photographs to good use

There is also a practical reason why these shoots are invaluable - they provide you with some lovely photographs that can be put to very good use. At minimum they should be printed up and framed on your wall, take down the generic Ikea artwork and replace them with your very own bespoke artwork. Why not in the hallway or in your lounge - so show guests and family how proud you are of your loving relationship and how you cherish making experiences with each other. A lot of my previous clients have used these photographs as part of their wedding - save the date cards/emails, part of the table settings, or as a signing frame or album for your guests to sign on your wedding day.

Let me get to know you both as a couple

It’s an invaluable session for me too, to get to know you both before your wedding day. I will learn a little about how you are with each other, your dynamic as a couple and what your feelings are about having your photograph taken. It will also give an insight as to the types of photographs you’re keen on having taken. Some couples are happy to jump about and smile for the camera, others wish to be more candid and relaxed, and this time will help me better understand that and craft your experience and photographs to suit you, so come your wedding day I can focus on what matters - capturing your day.

All my wedding collections include a couple’s shoot, and if you’d like to discuss a couple’s shoot with me then please do get in touch today.

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