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About Me

Hi! I'm Tracy, and I've been shooting weddings since 2016. I choose to photograph up to 20 weddings a year, with fun, friendly and creative brides and grooms who, like me, appreciate quality photography and value the legacy it creates, but don't take life to seriously. I believe it is important to take time to get to know my couples before their wedding so I can understand what is important to them and therefore capture their perfect day. It also really helps put them at ease about how I will fit in during their day.

Manor House Wedding Venues

Essex has some stunning wedding venues (and I don’t say that just because I live in Essex!). My favourites by far are the historic country houses: the architectural detail, the lighting that floods in from big windows, the luscious scenery... all excite and inspire me to shoot spectacular and unique wedding photographs.

Wedding Albums

I have a long history with print, where my career is concerned, and I wholeheartedly believe a photograph isn’t something that shouldn't just live in The Cloud. In the same way that a recipe is of no real tangible value until you actually cook from it and can taste, see, smell the rewards of that recipe - I believe the same is true with your favourite photographs. They should always be printed, on show, and enjoyed. There is something so special about the emotions and experience that only a photograph can give to us. I encourage all my couples to invest in albums and wall art, otherwise what will happen to the photographs? Most likely they will languish in a draw somewhere on a memory stick or on an old phone, never to see the light of day again. Luckily I have just the solution for this - as my wedding collection package includes a bespoke designed album, so that is all taken care for you as part of my service.

Behind the Scenes

I have been happily married now for over 10 years, to my wonderful husband Graham. We have two amazing girls, who still teach me new things on a daily basis. We share our home with our 2 Mainecoon cats, (if you're familiar with this breed it will explain why I'm often covered in fur and fluff!). I love biking of any nature, and try to keep fit (although this always seems to be a work in progress!), we love to get out on country walks and enjoy touring in our caravan around the UK when we get the chance. I also watch far too much Netflix and each far too many pies, but no one is perfect!

My Reason Why

I love running my own photography business as it gives me the opportunity to create the very best life for myself and my family. I get to work on some amazing weddings, share and experience so many precious moments and meet some wonderful people. It also gives me the ability to focus on what matters to me and that is – KINDNESS, the world can never have enough of this, and I make it a priority to show kindness to all my clients, and fellow suppliers. I believe in 'community not competition'. Being BRAVE, I've always had issues with my confidence, but through my photography I've learnt to be brave, push myself to try new things and to grow and achieve. Being CREATIVE is important to me, so I can develop and evolve my photography style. I am DEDICATED to  offering the very best service, products and therefore experience to all my clients; being the best version of myself; and trying to get that all important work-life balance.

You might like to follow my journey – possibly even to get some inspiration for your own wedding. Find me on Instagram and Facebook – @gtsphotographyessex. I’m always excited to meet new couples and share further.

The Fennes House couple on sofa

From the moment we booked them, they were approachable, professional and always there to help with any questions we had.

Ashleigh & Marti 
Oct 2018

Cressing Temple Braintree Grounds

I couldn’t ask for better photographers. I can honestly say if you are looking for a photographer for your special day or just any special occasion then GTS Photography are really

the guys to go with.

Grace Dawkin
October 2019

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